Demystifying Myths

You’ve heard the stories when you were young. You continue to watch movies about rooted from them. But very few people know the connections we have with them.

Myths. Are they just stories or is there some deeper meaning to them?

Myths are actually more than just a deep meaning, some of them are actually connected to our reality today, literally. Some myths are live to this day and our current reality is affected by them. Unfortunately, some of the effects are cynical and dark. That is the reason why we are creating this blog.

We will strive to demystify the myths and show you what they really mean. We also will look to “connect the dots” a bit to reveal how some myths are more, as some say, than just fairy tale stories.

Myths are myths for a reason, we will look to demystify some of them so that you may come to your own conclusion of whether they are just stories or not…

-Myth Singer

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