A Lesson On Myths: We Believe What We Are Told

With myths, or anything for the matter, we usually believe what we are told or what we hear. Rarely does anyone do any due diligence or follow up research on anything they hear, read, or watch.

It is naturally inherited because communication within our ancestors was based on trust within the tribe to communicate stories, dangers, lessons, etc. With that trust they had to believe whatever they were told. No one back then didn’t have to worry about any cynical ulterior motives by the messengers, storytellers, teachers, etc. Everything was based on survival and the larger the group was the better chances they had to survive. Little to no motives to tell “false flag” stories to manipulate people were existent. Messages were usually honest and clean.

When we were children, we relied on our parents to teach us what they have learned, tell us the stories that taught them their life lessons, etc. So, that trust and trait to believe in everything we hear sticks with us as we grow older. It’s an essential aspect to survival as children, but as we get older its a very dangerous trait to keep.

So, when a story is told to us and it’s the first time that we hear it, we will tend to believe whatever it is that’s being told to us.

It’s a fact, but don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a video interview/conference with Jordan Maxwell from the previous post. Now, how much do you really know about this world? What have you been told about this world that you believe and have been believing for most of your life?

After you watch the video come back and find out more on how your naturally inherited trait is being used against you. Again, don’t just take my word for it. Do your due diligence!

-Myth Singer

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