A Lesson On How We Believe In Anything We Are Told

People will believe in anything!

As I’ve written on my previous blog post, people will believe in almost anything you tell them.

Without doing much or any due diligence, people are usually prone to take other people’s word as fact. This is a very important fact to keep in mind when reading or hearing about the “myths” of the world.

To avoid being a hypocrite, I don’t want you to take my word for it. So, I’ll push you to do a little thinking for yourself. We are people so we are a part of whom I’m talking about right now. So we’ll prove to ourselves that we do believe in majority of what we are told.

Now think about it, do you believe in majority of what you hear, read, or watch? Do you believe in the stories your parents tell you? What about the stories your relatives tell you? Your friends? Strangers? Now, what about the news?

It all varies in the trust you give any of the people above in what you believe in their stories or disbelieve. But, studies have shown that we tend to believe people more when they have supposed “authority”, such as doctors, experts, professionals, analysts, leaders, etc., even newscasters.

Now to prove that people will tend to believe in anything they are told, I’ll ask you these questions: What happened on the terrible day of 9/11/2001? Think about it.

How do you know what happened? Who told you what happened?

Is that what really happened?

How do you know for sure?

I’ll give you time to ponder on these questions. And stay tuned for my next post and I’ll prove that people will believe almost anything they are told…BELIEVE ME!

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