Proof That People Will Believe In Anything They Are Told

This is a continuation of the last post. So if you haven’t read it I recommend that you do.

As I left off I asked you to think about what happened on the tragic day of September 11, 2001.  I asked you to recall happened that day.

Most people will have the same “official” story of what had occurred that day, But I’m not specifically interested in that. To prove my point that people will believe almost anything that is told to them, I ask you, how do you know the story of what happened that day?

Were you told what had happened that day? Was the official story about 9/11 narrated to you? More than likely, if you still believe in the story that majority of the people out there believe, you probably heard it from the news media.

Now think about it, you believe in what you were told because it came from a so called “reliable”, “authoritative”, and “trustworthy” source of “experts” and “reporters”.

Did you do any critical thinking of what had happened that day? Did you do any due diligence or look into it a little more? It is likely that you just took in what you were told by the news medias and believed it.

What is there not to believe?

Now, I’ll present to you a video documentary first exposed to me by a Hawaii Mobile Mechanic that I had service my car. As it woke me up, I’m sure it will get you thinking twice about what you believe… which is probably a lot of things.

A lesson on myths: People will believe almost anything they are told.

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