Demystifying The Hidden Meanings Of Words

Let’s start out first in our journey in demystifying myths with words, the hidden meaning(s) behind words that is.

In order to understand certain myths and/or stories, you must first understand some of the origins and meanings that the vocabulary being used in the myths/stories.

Words are basically symbols. And symbols have different meanings depending on the contexts they are being used in and the perception of the user. But, words and symbols do have a fundamental meaning to them. To understand what these either myths or ancient stories mean, we must first understand the origins of words that they use and in their context.

Once you understand the origins and “hidden meanings” behind the vocabulary in certain stories and myths, you will begin to notice the deeper meanings behind them. Being able to do this will help demystify the myths and you can come up with your own opinions in what to believe or not.

I say “come up with your own opinions” for a certain reason. Another thing you must learn is to think for yourself. Too much people these days tend to just accept things that they are told as fact. People are born into this world conditioned to just accept the “authority”. From parents, to doctors, government, scientists, preachers, pastors, police, news media, etc., people tend to take what these so-called authority figures opinions that they spit out as undeniable facts.

What I am going to attempt to do is help you build your knowledge to where you are able to think for yourself before just taking what other people say as facts. If you do not learn to think on your own, you are easily susceptible to being manipulated and mind controlled (more on that later).

So we’ll start with this amazing epic conversation with a renowned alternative researcher Jordan Maxwell where he speaks about the hidden meanings behind words.

Enlighten yourself a little…

Before we move on understand: the more that you know the clearer the picture will get. It’s like connecting-the-dots where the more lines you see and connect, more and more you will be able to see the bigger picture.

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